Executive Director


Mr Patten is the Executive Director of the National Center for Open Source and Education – a non profit organization advocating Open Source adoption in K-12 schools throughout the United States. Mr. Patten has spent the last 25 years developing educational software for a variety of clients. He has managed the engineering departments for several companies, including his own, and has won several awards for software design. He is currently bringing Open Source software solutions to schools to help maximize their technology dollars and close the digital divide between students of diverse economic backgrounds.

Mr Patten has organized the FOSSVT Open Source and Education for the past several years and has spoken at a variety of conferences around the world:

2006 LCA, Dunedin, New Zealand
2007 Open Minds, Indiana, USA
2008 CMTC, New Hampshire, USA
2008 MassCUE, Massachusetts, USA
2008 Free Knowledge, Free Technology, Barcelona, Spain
2009 FOSSEd, Maine, USA
2009 OSCON, California, USA
2009 Open Edge, Sydney Australia
2009 VermontFest, Vermont, USA
2010 POSSCON, South Carolina, USA
2010 FOSSEd,  Maine, USA
2010 OSCON, Oregon, USA
2010 VermontFest, Vermont, USA
2011 POSSCON, South Carolina, USA
2011 OSCON, Oregon, USA
2012 Dynamic Landscapes, VT, USA